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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Mr. Love Muhyi Sobhani 


From a Family of Designers 


First Client at Age 19


First Patent at Age 18


First LLC at Age 20

The Journey

Since early childhood he could be found at the library perusing encyclopedias that weighed more than him. At 8 years old he designed and prototyped his first fully-functional circuit (shown below). Studying engineering white-papers and compositions of the like at age 9, he continued to push forward and learn with, sometimes literally, every second of his waking day. Throughout his whole life he's refined, honed, and proven his proficiency.  He filed his first U.S. patent at 18 years old; continuing to pursue his dream as a lifelong inventor.


He inherits innumerable gifts from an Italian family of prestigious designers: the Palazzo’s (his mothers side). Taking brand new products apart as a child infuriated his mother. He did it anyway and laughed it off, learning volumes in the process when grounded in solitude. Years later, now a formally experienced Product Design Engineer, he's designed & engineered innovative world-class devices for clients. His name is listed on several market-disrupting U.S. patents. He continues to materialize the imagination's imaginations for qualified patrons. 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Download Proof


Due-Diligence Documents PDF

Need more proof? 

Sure thing. Additional documents, photos, videos, and information can be requested by contacting us. We aim to be as transparent as possible.

NOTICE: While we strive to be transparent, there are certain documents, information, patents and products may not be disclosable in order to honor our client's NDA agreements.

Early Childhood Designs

(6th Grade)

Cross sectional view of a BB gun machine gun concept.


(7th Grade)

Drawing of a gas turbine engine and its fundamental inter-workings.

(8th Grade)

Description? Classified. Well, okay, I guess we can tell you. Fully-functional homemade coil-gun constructed from parts of an old electric stapler. 

Screenshot (158).webp

(5th Grade)

Lets just say the neighborhood kids didn't mess with Love after they found out he had serious pyrotechnic tendencies. 

(2nd Grade)

A functional lightbulb circuit independently composed all by himself on a school worksheet. When doodling instead of doing the work actually pays off.

(7th Grade)

This door-handle is designed to zap intruders that try to open it by connecting the wires to a high voltage supply. Growing up in a hostile environment calls for hostile measures. 


(8th Grade)

At Mountainside Middle School the 8th grade technology class had a "project of choice". Thanks to an exaltingly chill teacher, Mr. Rhinehart, Love was allowed to build this for the project of choice and took the whole class by storm as they observed it test-firing everyone roared with amazement.


(6th Grade)

Light up headphones before they were cool. 

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