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Product Design

Areas of Expertise



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Executive Leadership
Mr. Sobhani directed and grew a design firm into a heavy-hitting innovation powerhouse. Read more below!


Product Design & Engineering
Design creation, development and optimization of new or existing products on behalf of the client. Product durability and usability testing. 

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Total Product Development
Turnkey development solutions. Transforming the client's ideas into a magnificent, real-life shelf-ready prototype.

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Elite Consulting
Solved; that's what comes of the client's product design, development, marketing, or brand related problems. Massive breadth and depth of PROVEN technical expertise. 


Full Branding & Website
Complete, expert-led design and optimization of product/brand packaging, webstore, logo, CGI, advertising, & marketing materials. 


Full Prototyping
Creating high-quality, final-grade and fully-functional product prototypes. Translating the product from idea to a tangible reality. 

Executive Leadership
8 Years Experience
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Who? It's Mr. Love Sobhani. Where? At Synergy Scientific LLC's design quarters, located in it's very own industrial warehouse building near the Scottsdale Airpark / Airport. That's where the magic happens. That's where the product design magic occurs, it's where the prototyping occurs, it's where the design, development, consulting, and light manufacturing occurs. 

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Directed & Led the Design of Innovative Products


Real-World Business
& Leadership Experience

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Proven & Passionate 
Inventor & Entrepreneur

Scaling Up

As the Director of Product Design, Mr. Sobhani's sleeves-up, hands-on leadership helped grow the product design operation known as Synergy Scientific, LLC, from a home garage, to a renowned design firm located in it's own industrial building near the Scottsdale Airport.  

(Proof in Due-Diligence Documentation PDF)

Skin in the Game

As anyone who has ever ran a business will tell you; success and failure have a direct impact on your pocketbook and sanity. It forces you to reflect far more deeply on the business, strategic and technical decisions you are making. This added mindfulness accelerates the learning process. Exponentially, yes, it exponentially accelerates the learning process. Mr. Sobhani's hands-on experience with running a business, working with clients, and developing the client's actual product (all at the same time!) taught him volumes.

Yes, volumes of actual, real-world technical, strategic and leadership mastery. 

The Next Challenge

Love's entrepreneurial journey is never ending. After making an exit from the firm he founded, he now finds himself being of immense value to his clients, including both enterprise and HNI (High Net-worth Individual) clientele. Today, he channels his talents into products and ventures of his own creation, all the while helping his clients grow theirs via bespoke, exclusive consulting. 

Circuit and PCB Design
Circuit and PCB Design Engineering
9 Years Experience
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Mr. Sobhani instills the epitome of engineering best-practices in his circuit and PCB designs. From RF, mixed-signal, DSP, ultra-low-power, all the way down to simple passive circuits; his breadth and depth of knowledge is a proven force to be reckoned with.


Just one glance at Epitomizer's PCB conveys volumes.

A few of it's circuit & PCB engineering feats:  

  • 2 24-Bit T.I. (Texas Instruments) ADCs,

  • 4 Strain-Gauges,

  • 4 T.I. DC Motor Drivers,

  • 1 64-Channel LED Driver,

  • 1 Atmega Microcontroller,

  • T.I. Battery Management Systems,

  • 8 Hall-Effect Sensors,

  • 6-Layer Pinky-Sized PCB, 

  • Excellent Grounding & Low-Noise Design


Because it's publicly-disclosable, Epitomizer makes for a brilliant, public showcase of stunning PCB and circuitry design feats. Epitomizer was also featured in the Design Exhibit.

Bespoke PCB & Circuit Design 

ACTUAL picture of Love's PCB / Circuit designs. Which one, exactly? Epitomizer; the epitome of hyper-luxury sophisticated wallets. Found in the Design Exhibit.

Low-Power Design Solutions

(Eraser for scale). In every design he's built, he has proven to incorporate low-power design best-practices. In a publicly-available example, the world's most advanced business card, the touch-activated circuit lasts 4 years (standby mode) from a micro coin-cell battery with only a 40mAh capacity. Nanoamp standby current. Ultra Efficient. Even when it's fully on and lit-up, it's power draw is ultra low. A stellar example in low-power circuit & PCB design. (This card is also featured in the Design Exhibit).

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(Eraser for scale). Some of Love's low-power micro-scale PCB design work. Found in the Design Exhibit.

Mixed-Signal Circuit & PCB Design

Love has demonstrated, on countless PCB designs, to successfully isolate inherently noisy digital signals with ultra-precise analog ones. Improper mixed-signal design is a common culprit of  high measurement noise, circuit malfunction, glitches and unintended operation. Accommodating this nature requires emphasis on EMI, grounding, current return paths, inductance, capacitance, resistance, thermal performance and many other areas. All the prior was regarded during the design of every PCB on every product. Resulting in circuit boards that operate flawlessly, even if they have to control high current DC motors and obtain sensitive microvolt-resolution measurements at the same time. 

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ACTUAL screenshot capturing some of Love's real-world work with industry-leading PCB design software

Circuit Design-Engineering

He has designed, prototyped and finalized numerous complex and simple circuits from concept to PCB. A proven & multifaceted scope of design knowledge has resulted in successfully integrating notable features like; Qi Wireless Charging, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LCD Displays, DSP and intuitive UIs. All for making the client's device just that much more user-friendly. 

Love Sobhani Design Engineer Inventor Professional Experience Screenshot (151).png

ACTUAL circuit schematic composed by Love exhibiting his orderly, easily-understood composition of complex circuits and systems. 

IC Programming / Firmware Design

Love's solution-oriented approach to composing device firmware has proven to result in elegant user-interfaces and effortless user-experiences. Latency, computational overhead, power consumption, and package size are a few of the many factors Mr. Sobhani pays particular attention to when selecting a microcontroller and composing the firmware for it. All of this culminates into a symphony of sensors, buttons, inputs and outputs that make for a great product. A great, intuitive and effortless product. 

Love Sobhani Design Engineer Inventor Professional Experience Screenshot (154).png

ACTUAL code written by Love for a data acquisition system.

Mechanical Engineering Design
Mechanical Engineering Design
9 Years Experience

His designs have evidently proven to infuse reliability, functionality and seductive design appeal; even in their most demanding final forms. DFM best-practices are employed right from the design's conception to ensure effortless manufacturing when final production commences. Advanced FEA software is utilized to ensure a high safety factor. Extensive aptitude is evident from single component parts to 300+ component assemblies. 


ACTUAL rendering showing one of the few publicly shared electromechanical designs Love created called "Epitomizer"; a hyper-luxury sophisticated wallet. 

More videos and photos shown in the Design Exhibit. 

Mechanical Design Analysis
Mechanical Design Analysis
7 Years Experience

His expertise has been utilized to successfully conduct design appraisals and determine their feasibility for the given application. In addition, expertise in this area has delivered many greater mechanical design successes during his career. Design-simulating-software, like FEA, is one of many weapons in his engineering arsenal; ensuring designs will perform reliably, safely and optimally in real-life. The Autodesk suites of software, including Fusion 360, are areas of particular mastery.

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ACTUAL Finite Element Analysis (FEA) conducted by Love to determine the proper strain-gauge placement.

Computer Aided Machining (CAM)
Computer Aided Machining (CAM)
8 Years Experience

3 & 4 axis high speed CNC machining. Toolpaths are optimized for shortest cycle time and maximum material removal rates (MRR). A veteran fixture designer, simulation analyzer, and toolpath optimizer. He knows very well how to produce project prototypes with rapid efficiency. He gained this mastery from personally conducting CNC machine operations both in toolpath design and actual hands-on machining.

product development industrial design scottsdale arizona

ACTUAL screenshot of Autodesk CAM program Love uses and some of his high-speed toolpaths.

Precision CNC Machining
Precision CNC Machining
8 Years Experience

Regularly machined parts within half a mil. That's .0005 inches. 4 times thinner than a hair. The prior is no easy task. Care is always taken to account for the most minute variables like tool-wear-offset, speeds, feeds, coolant flow, material properties and temperature. Having honed his competence of precision machining from hands on CNC experience, he engineers parts accordingly so they can be easily machined by others. A real expert of the whole process.


ACTUAL photo of Love's / Synergy Scientific, LLCs CNC machine tooling.

Just look at that drill bit! Its smaller than a 0.7 pencil lead!

Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
10 Years Experience

Enthralling the end-user with a balance of form, functionality and that rare "it" factor is something Love has proven to induce from every design. Proven mastery is exhibited with the world-standard of CAD, manufacturing and engineering software; Autodesk software. Complex 400+ part assemblies are designed, organized and managed effortlessly by implementing CAD best-practices throughout the design process. Photorealistic marketing media is generated that engages all those whose gaze it captures.

pen and weeeermdrerrrve.webp

ACTUAL rendering and CAD model created by Love for the Epitomizer hyper-luxury wallet, also featured on the Design Exhibit page. 

Full Product Design & Development
8 Years Experience
2 standing executive scientist.webp

ACTUAL picture of Mr. Love Sobhani.

Idea to Invention

Actually, it's more like: "napkin-sketch" to "fully-functional, shelf-ready product". He ran the renowned design firm Synergy Scientific, LLC for several years. As the Director of Product Design, the firm provided enterprise clients and entrepreneurs with turnkey product development solutions. 

Real-Life Manifestation 

He transforms the client's vision into a tangible, functional, shelf-ready reality. Proven mastery in countless areas including: product design, engineering, testing, marketing materials, e-commerce, branding, packaging and so much more. 

The Design Exhibit page show a few of the publicly-available, legally-disclosable photos and videos of Mr. Sobhani's extraordinary talent, performance and real-life RESULTS that he made happen on behalf of his enterprise and HNI (High Net-worth Individual) clientele. 

Full Product Branding
9 Years Experience
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Fully Bespoke
Brand Design


Packaging &
Ancillary Branding


Company Theme
& Aesthetic

Packaging, logo design, color theme, company aesthetic, wordsmithing, and product accessories... They all convey a message to the prospect.

A mere glance. Yes, a simple glance. A glance is all it takes to make a judgement about a company, their values, mission, and quality of service. Yet again one of several other reasons why branding is arguably the most important part of a business.

Mr. Sobhani designs brands from day one with an incredible first impression in mind. Not just an incredible first impression, but also a lasting impression that leaves a memory of quality and trustworthiness in the mind of the end-user. 

Full Website Development 
8 Years Experience
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UI & UX Design

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Mobile & Desktop



"Stunning", "Phenomenal", "Brilliant"... clients have used these words to describe their tailored, bespoke websites and webstores. Throughout the site's manifestation, Mr. Sobhani ensures the design and functionality never stray even one iota away from the clients vision. All the while taking into account the end user and their UX. Every icon, paragraph, button, font, image and color is chosen with purpose. 

UI & UX Design 
8 Years Experience
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Intuitive Ergonomics
& Effortless Usability

What do our favorite everyday products have in common? An excellent UX. 

The buttons, screens, joysticks, touchpads and scroll-wheels are in just the right place. 

They have just the right feel, and this is no accident. They were designed from the start with a great UX in mind. No matter if the product is a digital app/website, or a physical device. 

Mr. Sobhani begins by putting himself in the end-user's shoes (sometimes literally). From there, digital/physical study models are created to ensure that the final-product will have just the right feel to it. This ensures that the digital/physical products mentioned earlier are perfectly sized, weighted, and designed. 

Elite-Level Consulting 
8 Years Experience

Massive Range of
Technical Expertise


Served Several
High-Tech Industries 

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Direct & Charismatic
Communication Style

"Listening", Love said, when asked what the key to consulting is. Communication and competence are of equal importance. Love's technical mastery coupled with his straight-talk vernacular lends itself well to solving the client's complex problems.


He exhibits notable genius in the areas of product design, engineering, and manufacturing. 


ACTUAL picture of Mr. Love Sobhani.

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