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Trading with a Reason:

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Un-Common Sense

"Why would I want common sense? Do I want common trading results? NO!" - Love S. 
His perspectives are colored with contrarian undertones with a highlight  on ingenuity. 

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Dynamic Analysis 

Probabilities change as each nanosecond, order and tick go by. Adaptiveness is an attribute Mr. Sobhani embodies and subsequently infuses into each trading solution he develops. 


Mental Mastery

Mastery is not a destination... mastery is a perpetual lifelong pursuit.
Real-time mind management is a skill Love honed... a skill honed from horrific adversity. 

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Analytics & Research 

Artificial intelligence, neural networks, and bespoke simulations; all things Love deploys to discover what ACTUALLY works. 


Epitome of Execution 

Speed, reliability and scalability are attributes that color the results of Love's in-house engineered execution systems.
From HFT to long-term hedging.  


Risk Management

In-house analysis reveals to us the optimal parameters, rules, and limits.
Attributes that are the cornerstone to any scalable, robust strategy. 

What we PROVIDE:


PROsulting (Consulting)

+ Low, mid and high frequency trading system optimization. 
+ Overcoming technical and organizational challenges.
+ Developing novel trading systems. 
+ Optimizing existing trading systems. 
+ BACKtesting and FORWARDtesting using tick-by-tick millisecond-level market data.  


Psychological Epiphanies

+ Trading psychology development, refinement, optimization and execution. 
+ Updating inner-beliefs. 
+ Subconscious reprogramming. 
+ Pinpointing sources of self-imposed obstacles. 
+ Destroying self-sabotaging behavior. 
+ Amplifying a trader's natural mental talents. 


Software Development 

+ Turnkey development and optimization of low, mid and high frequency trading systems. 
+ Execution system formulation, development, and deployment.
+ Bespoke charting, screening and data-visualization software. 
+ BACKtesting and FORWARDtesting.

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